Selena Gomez And Hailey Bieber Caught Dining At Same Restaurant

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Photo: Getty Images

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez found themselves leaving the same French restaurant, creating a buzz among fans, but any expectations of an awkward lunch date were unfounded.

According to an insider close to the situation, neither Hailey nor Selena knew about each other's presence at L'Avenue in Paris during the past week. Furthermore, no one informed them of the other's presence while they dined. They were seated on different floors, ensuring there was no interaction between them.

A viral video captured their entrances and exits from the Parisian hotspot during Fashion Week, prompting fans to speculate on its significance. However, they didn't cross paths during their time at the same after-party either, considering the vastness of the city.

Earlier this year, a feud erupted between Selena's fans and Hailey's due to online misunderstandings. Selena had addressed the issue, revealing that Hailey reached out to her, expressing concern about the hateful negativity and death threats she received. Hailey also explained that things were taken out of context.

Despite the attention-grabbing restaurant rendezvous, there were no peace talks over baguettes in Paris.