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Niall Horan Set To Steal 'The Show' In iHeartLand In Fortnite & On Roblox

Niall Horan is taking over iHeartLand in Fortnite and on Roblox to keep the celebration going for his newly-released album, The Show.

The Show is Niall's third full-length studio album following 2020's Heartbreak Weather, and showcases ten new songs including previously-released tracks "Heaven" and "Meltdown." In a statement, Horan said of his new project, "This album is a piece of work I’m so proud of and now it’s time to pass it over to you to go and make it your own. Thank you so much for being there for me all this time and I can’t wait to share the next couple of years of this new era with you."

During Niall Horan's exclusive show in iHeartLand, the singer/songwriter will perform songs from his new album, as well as open up about the project and more during a special Q&A hosted by iHeartRadio's JoJo Wright. Fans can experience Niall Horan in iHeartLand in Fortnite and on Roblox for two days only, starting Friday, July 21st at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

If you're in Fortnite, keep the party going by showing off your best dance moves on State Farm Park's dance floor! Then, stick around and check out fun mini-games including obstacle courses, high speed races, and more.

And after catching the show in iHeartLand on Roblox, stick around for some exclusive interview with Niall backstage. Don't forget to check out the new and improved iHeartLand in Roblox, iHeartLand: Radio Star Simulator. Get started and gather all the sound energy you can from sound fields around iHeartLand, collect and upgrade radios, and complete quests to win rewards. You can also collect your very own radio pets.

Make sure to head over to iHeartLand in Fortnite and on Roblox on July 21st!