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Alec Benjamin Sounds Pitch-Perfect In New 'Let Me Down Slowly' Performance

Photo: Adrianna Casiano for iHeartRadio

Alec Benjamin is getting ready for his iHeartRadio LIVE show next week and is giving fans a taste of what to expect. On Friday, February 2nd, fans were treated to Benjamin singing a spellbinding live acoustic version of his hit "Let Me Down Slowly."

The emotional song was first released in 2018 on the mixtape Narrated for You and is considered Benjamin's "breakout hit." Since then, he's released two studio albums: These Two Windows in 2020 and (Un)Commentary in 2022. Hopefully, fans will have another album soon as Benjamin released two singles last year including "Different Kind of Beautiful" and "I Sent My Therapist to Therapy."

Benjamin has come a long way to get to the iHeartRadio LIVE stage. After being dropped from a label at 18 years old, the singer-songwriter didn't give up on his dreams and continued to play music on sidewalks and outside of venues. "Everyone has to start somewhere, and it doesn’t really matter where you start," Benjamin told Billboard in 2019. "I think it’s important to build from the ground up and never be ashamed of playing outside of a venue. Just because you’re starting outside of a venue doesn’t mean that’s where you’re going to be forever."

Don't forget to tune into Alec Benjamin's full iHeartRadio LIVE show on Monday, February 5th at 5pm PT/8pm ET in VR only in Meta Horizon Worlds. See him perform several fan favorites and talk about his new music and more during a special Q&A hosted by iHeartRadio's EJ.